Increase Sales, Not Overhead

Increase your profit-per-square-foot of restaurant space by adding a virtual element into an existing restaurant.

Reach New Customers

Your brick & mortar restaurant has a single search listing offering a single cuisine type. But virtual brands allow you to appear multiple times in multiple cuisine types to bring in more business.

Fill Slow Periods and Limit Food Waste

Use your existing staff, kitchen space, and utilities to sell more food. 

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Trying to grow your ghost kitchen business?

MenuLabs is designed for restaurants of any size and location – brick-and-mortar, cloud, dark, food truck, ghost, concession stands, virtual, or otherwise. With MenuLabs, you can manage all your virtual brands, menus, and orders in one place, take commission-free delivery orders, and turn first-timers into regulars from a single platform.

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Easily manage multiple virtual brands.

Simple menu management, centralized reporting, and consolidated order management make managing multiple virtual brands easier than ever.

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Improve customer relationships and increase sales.

Use automated marketing designed to keep guests ordering directly from your customized website and build loyalty for your virtual brands using our reputation management solution.

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pizza delivery, commission free

Consolidate delivery to save time and reduce errors.

Our partners can consolidate all of your delivery apps into a single device and send orders directly to your POS system, reducing manual data-entry time and errors. Oh, and did we mention the delivery service is commission-free?

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Restaurateurs are buzzing about MenuLabs.

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“MenuLabs is a great solution for us. We love the automated menu scheduling and that we can easily 86 and item. It’s so simple.”

Mike Doble
Explorium Brewpub

“MenuLabs was so easy to set up! I’m not the most technically savvy person as I have spent my career managing the floor. I was truly relieved that I could edit the menu so easily myself.”

Julie Reiner
Clover Club