Welcome to the digital age, restaurateurs. It’s a wild, fast-paced frontier where tweets fly faster than orders on a Saturday night, and your customers are as likely to discover you on Instagram as they are walking down the street. You’ve probably got your online ordering system humming, your social media profiles shining, and your restaurant’s website looking slicker than a seared scallop in a sizzling pan. But let me ask you this: when was the last time you took a good, hard look at your printed restaurant menus?


Yes, that’s right. Those good ol’ pieces of paper your customers hold in their hands, scrutinizing with the intensity of a Michelin inspector. Those trusty tactile titbits that tell the delicious story of your brand, right there in your customer’s grasp. In the hustle and bustle of keeping your digital platforms updated, it’s easy to let printed menus fall to the wayside. But, my friends, neglecting these tangible ambassadors of your brand might be costing you more than you think.


So, before you dismiss them as outdated relics of a bygone era, let’s dive in and see why you might need to give your printed menus a little more love. And, because I like you, I’ll even show you how you can keep them spruced up without breaking the bank or burning the midnight oil. Ready? Let’s make some menu magic!


The Role of Printed Restaurant Menus in a Digital World

Now, I’m not here to knock on digital menus. Heck no. They’re game-changers, offering flexibility, dynamism, and all sorts of cool features like dietary filter options, real-time updates, and integration with online ordering systems. Digital menus are the flash mob of the restaurant world – unexpected, attention-grabbing, and absolutely necessary for our ever-evolving industry.


But there’s something about the feel of a printed restaurant menu in your hands. It’s the scent of fresh ink on crisp paper, the tactile pleasure of turning a page, the visual feast of well-designed layouts and typefaces. More importantly, printed menus are a tactile representation of your brand, an artifact of your restaurant’s experience that your customers can literally touch.


Even in this era of technology, printed menus offer something that screens can’t replicate: a tangible connection. They add a layer of authenticity to the dining experience, a certain je ne sais quoi that appeals to the nostalgia-loving, experience-seeking, sensation-craving human in all of us. And trust me, your customers notice. They appreciate. They remember.


Bottom line? While we ride the digital wave, there’s still room in our surfboards for the tried-and-true appeal of printed menus.


Common Challenges with Printed Menus

Okay, so printed restaurant menus are important. But they can also be a major pain in the apron, am I right?


First off, there’s the cost. Designing and printing high-quality menus isn’t exactly cheap, especially if you’re constantly updating them. Got a new seasonal special? That’s a reprint. Prices going up? Reprint. Changed your mind about that cutesy dish name that seemed funny at the time? Yep, you guessed it, reprint.


Then there’s the time and effort. Updating printed menus usually means wrangling with your graphic designer, tweaking designs, proofreading, re-proofreading because there’s always that one typo that slips through, and then waiting for the print shop to do their thing.


Given these hurdles, it’s no wonder many restaurant owners decide to ‘set and forget’ their printed menus, allowing them to grow as outdated as a bowl of yesterday’s soup.


Stay tuned for more on why this approach could be leaving a bad taste in your customers’ mouths…

The Cost of Neglecting Printed Restaurant Menus

Alright, let’s get down to brass tacks. What does it really cost when your printed menus aren’t up to snuff?


Well, first up, there’s the risk to your brand. A menu is more than just a list of dishes and prices. It’s a storytelling tool, a chance to communicate your restaurant’s unique vibe, your commitment to quality, your culinary creativity. An outdated, poorly designed, or low-quality menu sends the wrong message about your brand, undermining all the hard work you put into crafting a killer dining experience.


Second, there’s the missed opportunity for upselling. Seasonal specials, promotional dishes, new items — these are all chances to tempt your customers to spend a little more. If your printed menus aren’t kept updated, you’re leaving money on the table. Literally.


Third, there’s the issue of customer satisfaction. Ever had a customer fall in love with a dish on the menu, only to be told it’s no longer available? Yeah, it’s not a great look. Keeping your printed menus up-to-date helps manage customer expectations and ensures a smooth, satisfying dining experience.


Bringing Printed Restaurant Menus into the 21st Century

Now that we’ve established the importance of giving your printed menus some TLC, the question is: how do you do it without breaking the bank or adding another item to your already overflowing to-do list?


The answer, my friends, is technology. Yep, the very thing that’s revolutionizing so much of our industry can also make managing printed menus a breeze. I’m talking about software that allows you to create beautiful, professional-grade menus in-house, without the need for a graphic designer or complex design skills.


What if you could print off a beautifully designed, professional-grade menu without any more effort than it takes to 86 an item or change a price on your digital menu with MenuLabs? We’re talking adjusting prices, updating descriptions, and more, all with a few clicks. No more back-and-forth with the designer. No more waiting days for revisions. No more shelling out big bucks for minor changes – many of which are only temporary anyway.


Introducing Print Menu Pro: Your Secret Weapon for Printed Menu Magic

Meet Print Menu Pro, our very own magic wand for your printed menu headaches.


Picture this: You’re in your restaurant, a last-minute change to tonight’s specials in mind. There’s no time for design briefs, no room for print shop delays. You need an updated menu, and you need it now.


That’s where Print Menu Pro comes in. With a few clicks, you’re in control. Update your prices, modify descriptions, insert new dishes — all without battling with complex design software or waiting for costly revisions. Plus, with our intuitive design interface, you can ensure that your menus always look their best, reflecting your unique brand and vibe.


Print Menu Pro puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you full control over your menu presentation. With this easy-to-use tool at your fingertips, you can keep your menus fresh and relevant, all while saving time, reducing stress, and trimming costs.


Whether you’re updating daily specials, seasonal menus, or the occasional price tweak, Print Menu Pro makes it effortless. But don’t just take our word for it — try it out for yourself and see how Print Menu Pro can transform your printed menu management.

Designing Effective Printed Restaurant Menus: Some Quick Tips


We’ve talked a lot about the importance of keeping your printed menus updated and professional, but what about the design itself? While our Print Menu Pro tool will help you with the technical aspect of designing your menus, there are a few fundamental principles to keep in mind when you’re deciding what your menu should look like. Here are some quick tips for creating an effective and appealing printed menu:


Keep it readable 

While that fancy, swirling script might look beautiful, if your customers can’t read it, it’s doing more harm than good. Stick to clear, easy-to-read fonts for your menu. This doesn’t mean your menu has to be boring — there are plenty of interesting fonts out there that won’t leave your customers squinting!


Organize wisely

Think about the flow of your menu. Appetizers should typically come first, followed by main courses, desserts, and beverages. Within these categories, you might want to order dishes by price or popularity. Make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for.


Use enticing descriptions

Your menu descriptions are a chance to really sell your dishes. Be specific about what ingredients you use and how the dish is prepared. Try to appeal to the senses by describing the taste, texture, and smell of the food. And don’t be afraid to get creative — a little bit of flair can make your menu stand out!


Balance your layout

Keep your design balanced. If you’re using images, make sure they’re high-quality and well-placed. Avoid clutter and give your text some breathing room — white space is your friend!


Reflect your brand

Your menu is an extension of your restaurant’s brand. The design, colors, fonts, and even the shape and material of your menu should align with your restaurant’s aesthetic and vibe.


Remember, while Print Menu Pro will simplify the technical part of creating your restaurant menus, your creativity and knowledge of your restaurant’s brand are what will truly make your menu shine!

Wrapping It Up

Your printed menus deserve as much attention as their digital counterparts. They’re a key part of your customer’s dining experience, a tactile expression of your brand, and a vital tool for boosting sales and customer satisfaction.


Yes, managing them can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools at your disposal — like our Print Menu Pro — updating, designing, and printing restaurant menus can be as satisfying as serving up a perfectly cooked meal.


Ready to take your printed menus to the next level? Reach out today for a demo, and let’s make your digital (and print!) menu magic happen together.