Why Bother Setting Up Online Ordering?

While there are a number of good reasons to allow customers to order their food online, the most impactful include:

  1. Boosting average ticket value
  2. Reducing human error and time spent on the phone taking orders
  3. Adding value to your customers
  4. Offer delivery or pickup
  5. Increase returning customers


Since 2014, online meal ordering has risen 300% faster than dine-in, accounting for nearly 40% of overall restaurant revenues. – Zippia, 2022

How Do I Begin Accepting Online Orders for My Restaurant?

Let’s start by identifying your two main, and most effective, options for online ordering.

Your Website

The first method involves using your own website. Thanks to service providers, like MenuLabs, this process is as easy as converting your menu into a digital format and adding a script to your existing website.

Third-Party Delivery App

The second option is to use a third-party food delivery app, such as UberEats, GrubHub, Postmates, or DoorDash, to name a few.

While these companies can help you boost sales and drive new customers to your restaurant, they’re also known to charge anywhere from 25 to 35 percent per order.

Using Your Website to Process Online Orders

Customers buy directly from you when accepting online orders via your own website.

The biggest advantage to this approach, is that you get to keep the process completely in-house. Additionally, you have complete control over your business’ ordering activities, get all earnings, and build a relationship with your customer.

On the other hand, without the use of a service provider, you’ll be responsible for all of the work, from payment processing to delivery coordination, unlike with a third-party food ordering and delivery company.

5 FAQs About Food Ordering On Your Website

What is Needed to Process Restaurant Orders on the Company Website?

You need your own restaurant website, complete with menus plus the ability to take orders and process payments straight from patrons.

How Can I Be Less Hands-On in Regard to Managing Website Food Orders?

Without a doubt, you should utilize a software company that streamlines ordering for restaurants online.

With MenuLabs, for example, you get a branded, digital menu and help setting it up. You can manage your menu across all major restaurant listing websites from one access point. Not to mention, orders are commission-free. In other words, you pay a flat monthly service fee and nothing more.

What is Required for Restaurants Processing Online Orders?

A working internet connection, a website-building platform (CMS), an interface for viewing orders plus receiving and sending notifications through, and the right staff to handle an influx of orders and to facilitate takeout customers.

How Do I Market My Restaurant’s Online Ordering Option?

While there are countless advertising and marketing opportunities available to restaurant owners seeking to drive more business, the following list of strategies are the best place to start.

  • Social media marketing/advertising
  • Google Ads
  • Email and text messaging

How Much Does Online Ordering Management Software Cost?

If you don’t currently have a website, start with building one. You can use one of many free online website builders or you can hire an experienced company that will charge anywhere from approximately $1,500 to $5,000-plus (depending on the amount of work required).

When it comes to software required to manage orders, process payments, and organize delivery, you can expect to pay a monthly fee of between $30 and $60.

Note that not all service providers charge a flat fee and some even have hidden fees. So do your due diligence before picking the right partner.

Using Third-Party Online Ordering Apps

If you don’t feel like handling orders and delivery in-house, an online ordering app is a great option. UberEats, GrugHub, Postmates, and DoorDash are popular choices since it puts your restaurant in front of their established platform of users.

GrubHub, for example, has more than 32 million users and over 300,000 restaurant listings in over 4,000 cities.

To get started, fill out a registration form with basic information about your restaurant and menu items. When reviewed and approved by the app’s team, you’re done.

Keep in mind, you want to use third-party delivery companies to drive more order and help grow your customer base; however, relying on these companies as your main method of providing online food delivery is a costly option.

Key Takeaways

Food ordering online, whether including delivery or having customers pick-up in-restaurant, is a lucrative revenue stream.

Your best option is to process as many of your online food orders via your own website with the aid of a service provider, as this puts more money into your pocket than third-party delivery apps.

Use third-party food ordering apps to supplement sales and to grow your business. Do not solely rely on these services, as they cut deeply into your profit margin.

Have more questions? We have answers. Contact our team today to learn more about MenuLabs and how we can complement your restaurant’s food ordering efforts.

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