Easy to Use

Straightforward software you won’t need tech support to use.

Save Time and Money

The less time you spend managing multiple menu sites, the more money in your pocket.

Increase Visibility

Keep your business website top of page and top of mind.

Skip the headache, manage your menus everywhere they live in one place.

Update all of your menus in just ONE place, so guests have the most current information before they get hangry.

Someone holding a phone and ordering food on a clean interface

Online Ordering

Customers can place orders and make payments online with the confidence that they are ordering from the most up-to-date menu.

Woman ordering from a restaurant using a QR code.

QR Code Menu

Ditch the PDF for an easily amended, interactive dine-in experience.

Restaurant website on a laptop and a phone

Business Website

Update the menu embedded within your website in just a few clicks.

Printed and branded up to date menu

Printed Menus

Create physical back-ups without updating another digital file using our Print Formatting Tool.

icons of where your menu and restaurant info will be updated including Doordash, Trip Advisor, Uber Eats, Yelp,

Synchronize Third-Party Ordering

Update your online menus where customers search most.

Digital menu boards

Coming Soon
Digital Menu Boards

Revise specials and set menu schedules in real-time.

Restaurant kiosk to order food

Coming Soon
Self-Serve Kiosk

Keep kiosk menus current and populated with plenty of timely upsale opportunities.

On-The-Fly Menu Builder

Drag and drop menu items to build appealing online menus scaled for every device.

Restaurant owner and worker easily editing a menu on the go.

Update and 86 menu items in a cinch.

When you update your menus everywhere in real-time, from one place, you directly improve your guests’ experience and your bottom line.

Restaurant showing up in search and on maps.

Put your menu on the map.

Menus are loaded with keywords that make it easier for customers to find the foods they crave when they search online. And when it’s easier for people to find your food, they are more likely to buy from you. Use your menu to help hungry people find YOU:

1. Customize your menu to reflect your brand and current offerings.
2. Update your menu in just a few clicks.
3. Show off in style on every device.
4. Increase virtual and physical traffic to your restaurant. Piece of cake.

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“MenuLabs is a great solution for us. We love the automated menu scheduling and that we can easily 86 and item. It’s so simple.”

Mike Doble
Explorium Brewpub

“MenuLabs was so easy to set up! I’m not the most technically savvy person as I have spent my career managing the floor. I was truly relieved that I could edit the menu so easily myself.”

Julie Reiner
Clover Club