Delivery commissions got you feeling fried? We hear you. Like getting smacked with a 20% upcharge on every single order. Ouch! 

But what if we told you there’s a better way to reap all the benefits of delivery—you know, tap into skyrocketing demand, expand your reach, and make customers happy—without watching your hard-earned profits go down the drain? 

Well, we’re here today to serve up exactly that. 

The third-party delivery apps promise you the moon—exposure, new customers, added revenue streams. But they conveniently leave out the part about eating through your profit margins faster than your guests devour that Wagyu steak. 

And we get it—when delivery demand is booming, it’s tempting to hop on the bandwagon, even if it means taking a hit. It feels like you have no choice if you want a slice of the pie (mmm, pie).

But here’s the thing: You absolutely have a choice. You do not have to accept crazy high commissions just to get food to your customers. There is another way! 

In this post, we’re breaking down the truth about traditional delivery commissions and how restaurants just like yours are boosting revenue without sacrificing profits. 

Get ready to claim the delivery benefits you deserve, commission-free finally. 

The Delivery Commissions Dilemma

First, let’s pull back the curtain on traditional delivery apps. You know, the big ones everyone is using.

Here’s how it typically works: Customers order through the third-party delivery app, so the app charges the restaurant a hefty commission, often 20-30%. 

Now, on paper, 20% doesn’t seem crazy. But when profit margins are already tight (hello, inflation and supply chain woes), giving up 1/5 of your earnings per order adds up fast. 

We’re talking serious blows to your bottom line.

And as costs continue rising across the board, from ingredients to labor, restaurants are feeling trapped. Delivery demand is sky-high, but is it really worth it if it means draining away profits? 

The appeal of delivery apps is obvious – they promise instant visibility and demand. But here’s the catch: relying on them means handing over control of your brand experience and profits. 

You’re at the mercy of their fees, terms, and customer relationships.

But here’s the truth: Delivery apps need you more than you need them. You have something they don’t: delicious food and a brand customers love. You deserve to reap the full benefits of your hard work.

masked delivery driver picks up an order from the counter of a local restaurant

How Did We Get Here Anyway?

To understand how we ended up in this commission-fee predicament, let’s rewind to 2020.

Delivery was already gaining steam pre-pandemic. But when COVID hit, and dining rooms closed, it became an overnight necessity. Restaurants leaned on delivery apps out of sheer survival.

And for a while, it worked. These apps provided a lifeline, allowing restaurants to keep serving customers amidst massive disruption.

Initially, commissions were minimal – everyone rallied to support restaurants. But as the urgency stabilized, the delivery apps shifted to profit-maximizing models.

Demand was surging, and restaurants had little leverage to negotiate terms. Delivery apps gradually increased their fees from 15% pre-pandemic to around 25% today.

It’s easy to see both sides. Delivery apps created an invaluable service, especially when dining rooms were closed. But over time, the fee hikes have strained restaurants’ margins.

For restaurants, commissions feel like a necessary evil. Delivery is indispensable, but the costs are mounting.

The question is – can this continue? Are high commissions just an inevitable new cost of business in the digital dining era? Or is a more sustainable model possible?

At MenuLabs, we saw restaurants struggling with rising delivery costs and knew there had to be a better way.

Our solution empowers restaurants to offer delivery directly through their own website and online ordering system. 

No middleman delivery apps required.

Here’s how it works:

Customers place delivery orders through the restaurant’s custom MenuLabs website, branded app, or digital menu. The order goes straight to the restaurant, not through a third-party app.

  • MenuLabs coordinates the delivery, leveraging the extensive driver network of our trusted delivery partner, DoorDash (without the usual commissions!)
  • Instead of a percentage-based commission, restaurants pay a flat per order fee, starting at around $6.99 per order. 
  • Restaurants can customize pricing, choosing to absorb the fee or pass it on to customers. There are never any hidden fees.
  • Branding and customer experience all remain under the restaurant’s control. You own the full customer journey.

This model provides the benefits of reach and demand from delivery without the typical 20-30% commission fees. Restaurants keep more hard-earned profits while still providing customers with the delivery access they demand.

It’s a win-win, enabling restaurants to tap into delivery demand on their own terms. MenuLabs aims to be a true partner, not a profit-draining middleman.

delivery being made, modal of user choosing delivery to the left

Benefits of Commission-Free Delivery

The MenuLabs commission-free delivery model provides restaurants with the best of both worlds – world-class delivery operations without profit-killing commissions. This innovative approach offers significant advantages over reliance on traditional third-party delivery apps.

Increased Profits

By paying a flat fee per order (as low as $6.99) instead of 20-30% sales commissions, restaurants get to keep more of the revenue from each order. 

Brand Control

With MenuLabs, customers place orders through the restaurant’s own website rather than through a third-party app, which strengthens branding and builds loyalty.

Pricing Power

MenuLabs gives restaurants full control over delivery pricing, allowing you to choose whether to absorb the fee or pass it along to customers without any hidden fees.

Reliable Delivery

By leveraging DoorDash’s extensive driver network via our partnership, restaurants can provide reliable delivery without needing to build an in-house fleet.

Operational Efficiency

MenuLabs offers an integrated order management system with real-time tracking and coordination.


With MenuLabs, restaurants can easily pause and resume delivery order acceptance instantly to accommodate influxes in demand and remain agile.

When customers order through a restaurant’s MenuLabs website, the restaurant maintains the customer relationship and profits. MenuLabs and DoorDash handle the delivery logistics behind the scenes—no commissions required.

It’s a best-of-both-worlds solution, merging world-class delivery with branding, profits, and control.

3 Steps to Getting Started with Commission-Free Delivery

Ready to ditch high delivery commissions and take control? Here are 3 simple steps restaurants can take to get started with MenuLabs’ suite of commission-free solutions:

Step 1: Build Your Branded Digital Menu

First, leverage MenuLabs’ menu management system to easily create a polished digital menu optimized for your branding. MenuLabs imports your items, modifiers, prices, photos, and layout to build menus tailored for your website, online channels, QR codes, and in-house displays. This ensures branding and messaging consistency across all touchpoints.

Step 2: Sync Your Menus Across Listings

Next, seamlessly publish your new digital menu across hundreds of online channels. MenuLabs syncs your menu everywhere it needs to be – third-party delivery apps, review sites, local business directories – saving you tedious manual updating. This expanded reach drives discovery by more potential customers.

Step 3: Accept Online and Delivery Orders

Now activate commission-free online ordering, takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery through your MenuLabs-powered website. Customers order directly from your site, not through expensive third-party apps. MenuLabs coordinates professional delivery through DoorDash without any commissions or percentage fees. Just one flat per order fee that you control.

With this affordable, integrated suite of solutions, restaurants can tap into the benefits of a streamlined digital presence, expanded visibility, and delivery demand without profit-killing commissions. It’s a new era of customer connection – one that puts restaurants first.

Let’s Do This

The age of high delivery commissions doesn’t have to be the new normal. With MenuLabs, restaurants can take back control of their brand, profits, and customer relationships.

Our commission-free delivery model provides all the benefits of today’s on-demand economy without the profit-killing fees. Customers get seamless delivery while restaurants retain more revenue. It’s a win-win.

Ready to step into the future? Get a risk-free demo of MenuLabs today to see how our solutions can transform your operations. Maintain top-notch customer service while keeping more of what you earn.

Don’t settle for today’s status quo – you have options. Your success is our shared mission. Let’s start a partnership that puts restaurants first and sets you up for long-term prosperity in the digital dining age.

The choice is yours. Reclaim delivery on your own terms with MenuLabs. Request a demo now to get started.