Turn Tables Faster

Make the dining experience more efficient than ever.

Improve Order Accuracy

Let your customers directly customize and confirm their orders.

Minimize Costs

Save your staff’s time and weather any labor shortages.

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Increase revenue with fewer staff members.

Staff shortages can cause headaches for your team, your guests, and your bottom line. Efficiently grow your sales by cutting out tedious order-taking and time-consuming order errors.

Customize your QR code menu with your brand

Easily keep your digital restaurant menu up-to-date and on-brand.

  • Update your menu in real-time to remove 86’d items.
  • Customize your digital menu to align with your brand.
  • Provide your guests with expanded information and choices.
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Promote safety through contactless ordering.

Now more than ever, customers want to know that their dining experience is safe. Dine-In Ordering eliminates excess touchpoints between your guests and your staff, which helps to limit the spread of illness. Customers can enjoy dining out with peace of mind.

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Woman orering food on her mobile phone.

Suggest additional items and highlight promotions.

Worried about not having a server there to upsell your customers? Dine-In Ordering from MenuLabs provides a digital solution through inviting and user-friendly suggestions that appear during the order process. You’ll also be able to pop up your current promotions.

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Restaurant owner looks at his tablet. Images of orders of dine in orders coming in.

Embrace the benefits of digital ordering for dine-in service.

  • Serve more customers by streamlining service.
  • Boost your team’s productivity without adding stress.
  • Eliminate wrongly entered orders or forgotten items.
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How QR Code Dine-In Ordering Works

Step 1: Customers scan your QR code menu.
Your guest will be quickly sent to a mobile-friendly menu, delivering your detailed menu right to their smartphone.

Step 2: Customers place their order and pay, all from their phones.
Orders can be placed without wasting time waiting for a server. Your staff can spend more time focusing on delivering an exceptional experience and delicious food.

Step 3: Orders are sent directly to you.
Get started making orders right away with accurate details sent directly to your kitchen.

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