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18 Design-Centric Ways to Display QR Codes in Your Restaurant

Why using a QR code in a unique, practical and deliberate manner is important to your overall marketing strategy.

Why Your Menus MUST Be Up-to-Date Across the Web

In this quick read, we’ll show how wrong service can go because of one mistake with your online presence, and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

How to Get Your Restaurant to Rank Higher in Local Search

How does a restaurant stand out online? We’ve got some tips to help you show off everything you’ve worked so hard to create - digitally.


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How Will Restaurant Customer Service Continue to Change After Covid?

Restaurants and their loyal patrons, especially, have been forever impacted by the pandemic.

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featured image for the ultimate guide to building a restaurant website that ranks

Ultimate Guide for Building Restaurant Websites That Rank on Google

As a restaurant pro, you've probably heard how important it...


ADA for Restaurant Owners: Accessibility for Websites, Menus, and Online Ordering

More than 11,000 lawsuits were filed against companies in 2021...

Restaurant Map Citations

How to Create Local Map Citations for Your Restaurant & Why They Matter

Are you sitting inside your restaurant, searching Google for the...

Get Your Restaurant Ranked On Google Maps

7 Steps to Rank Your Restaurant on Google Maps

There is no way around the fact that a successful...

Restaurant local marketing

How Local is Your Restaurant? Getting Started With Local Marketing

Throughout the country, there are more than a million restaurants...

Takeout Delivery being delivered with a side of stats

21 Restaurant Industry Takeout & Delivery Trends

Use data from takeout and delivery trends for restaurants to...

Girl ordering online from restaurant using mobile phone

Online Ordering | The Ultimate Guide

The following guide is designed for readers to learn about...

Checking if online ordering site was set up correctly

How to Set Up Online Ordering for Restaurant in 2022

Why Bother Setting Up Online Ordering? While there are a...

Marketing Strategies

6 Easy Ways to Skyrocket Your Restaurant’s Direct Online Orders

If your restaurant is currently offering food delivery online or...

QR code menu showing html menu

QR Code Menu | The Ultimate Guide for Restaurants

In our post-COVID world, "contactless" is the magic word when...

PDF Menus vs Responsive HTML Menus

When taking your restaurant menu into the digital realm, there...

QR Code Menu Best Practices

To ensure that you get the most from your QR...

Friends eating dinner at a restaurant

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